The Society



Pakistan’s population is ninety-five percent Muslim. Social indicators place the nation squarely in the middle of the third world. Literacy is under 50% and income per capita is approximately 2 dollars a day. There has been a general decline in the moral fiber at the national level after the independence in 1947. Poor leadership and bad governance have added to the problems of national life. There are no statesmen among the politicians. The obscurantist mulla has fanned the fire of sectarian hatred to make political space for himself in the power structure. Many people call Pakistan a failed state. While the leadership is to be primarily held responsible, the society cannot escape the blame of being a factor in this failure.

The society has occasionally behaved badly in the Ahmadiyya context. Most of the persecution could have been avoided or its impact softened if the neighborhood had protested against the tyranny and aggression in their midst. While a minority sponsored and promoted persecution of innocent Ahmadis, the majority facilitated the evil by remaining silent. However, it is also fair to say that had the society generally supported the persecution, the plight of Ahmadis would have been much worse.

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