Vulgarity of the Mulla – a report dated July 2003

Vulgarity and slander of the mullah

(An extract from a July 2003 report)


Rabwah; July 2, 2003: While it has often been conveyed that mullahs indulge in slander and profanity, the severity of their statements is not often repeated verbatim as they were considered too painful to reproduce. Here, we have decided to report translation of parts of only one Friday sermon as sample for history and archives. It is not rare that mullah surpasses even this level of profanity.

On June 13, 2003 Maulvi Ghulam Mustafa stated the following in his Friday sermon at the Jame Masjid, Muslim Colony, Rabwah on a loudspeaker: (Extracts)

“O Mirzais, sons of depraved: Come to your senses. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says,                                  “I received a revelation in English – I love you”. Listen, the language of Medina is Arabic; angles bring revelation in Arabic; but this son of the depraved states that he is English, his language is English, angles also (speak) English. I blame you, while you blame us of slander. Isa was handsome, while this one is ugly. Are the prophets (of God) ever ugly? Say, no; prophets are never ugly. Was there ever a one-eyed prophet; no. Both the heart and mind of this fool were corrupted. His heart is (sic) filthy; it is in the grip of Satans.

“This Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, son of a depraved, who called himself Imam Mahdi, is a Dajjal (the Evil One). (At the advent of Imam Mahdi,) Circumstances will take a turn -calamities would strike, and the Evil One will come to naught, just as flood sweeps away everything; thereafter Islam will prevail; Sharia will be the rule; wealth will be plentiful and God will fill the earth with abundance and riches; there will be no mischief, no fornication, no drinking, no robbery, no theft; everything will tick as per Sharia. However, with the advent of this ill-fated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, thefts increased;  murders and villainy became rampant; homes of all his disciples are centers of prostitution. O Qadianis, come to your senses; we have no enmity against you.

“Two years ago, I visited a courthouse to follow a (criminal) case. There, the duty constable asked me: Sir, you are a Maulvi, and you tell us to efface the Kalima (Islamic creed); I cannot commit this sin. He was stationed at Rabwah. I said to him: Mirzai women attend (worship at) Qadiani mosques, but the Kalima is sacred, so it must be removed from there; if you find Kalima on a latrine or on a bottle of wine, wouldn’t you remove it? He said: certainly, I will, as it is a sin to write the Kalima there. I said: the same way, as the Mirzai mosques are unclean, Kalima must be removed from there. The constable admitted that had he known this reasoning earlier, he would have immediately undertaken the removal of Kalima. These Qadianis are sons of pigs. Their mosques are unclean and filthy. In the days of the Holy Prophet, the hypocrites built mosques, but the Prophet declared them unclean and ordered their destruction. His companions destroyed them entirely. Qadiani mosques are Masjid Zarrar (worthy of destruction).

“Musharaf and Jamali have had consultations; they have called a meeting and asked Nazims to resign. This is all a hoax. For many days, I have spoken on (many) issues; we have to keep an eye on everything. Musharaf now speaks with a Qadiani tongue. He has banned (religious) organizations; he is (thus) representing Qadianis. Where is the shameless bastard Mirza Ghulam Ahmad now? He is dead; but this Musharraf speaks Ghulam Ahmad’s language that there is no Jihad except that of the pen and reason.”

Mullah Allah Yar Arshad spoke on June 27, 2003 at the Bokhari Mosque Rabwah the same way as Mullah Ghulam Mustafa. It is relevant to mention that there is a police post at Rabwah, also a police station, and a Deputy Superintendent of Police is also stationed there. A judicial magistrate’s court is held in this town. Rabwah is populated with more than its share of intelligence and security agents. They know, and surely record and report all that is blurted openly by the mullahs here. Pakistan Penal Code has many clauses that forbid ‘Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs’. These clerics play with fire, but it is obviously a government policy to give them a free hand.

Ahmadiyya headquarters conveyed the above outrageous statement of Mulla Ghulam Mustafa to local authorities and sent a copy to everyone that matters in the Federation and the Province, with the following observation:

“ There have always existed differences in ideology, as also the right to express them. However, only these Ulema indulge in such slander and fabrications against personalities. Having read the above, question will surely arise in your mind: Are Ahmadis not humans; Do they not have their own sensibilities; Why is the law not evoked on such outrage to their religious feelings; Is it fair and permissible, legally, morally or per Sharia, to use such profane and vulgar language against their beloved holy personages; and is it a requirement of the law to allow this leave?

“The Quran and Traditions, as also the common code of conduct direct that when you come across leader of a people, treat him with due respect and honour.”

Director, Public Affairs

Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya




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